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Drag Her! is a fast, fabulous, and frenetic 2D fighter, that features a roster of real-life drag royalty, including Alaska 5000, Kim Chi and a growing selection of assist characters.

Drag Her! is lovingly hand-animated; playing out against a backdrop of ridiculous stages and with a meaty package of features. The goal: a core fighting game experience that is approachable, fun to play, and fundamentally stupid to watch.

Current demo is designed to showcase the game in brief, and includes:

  • One fully-realized character, Lemonade, and her evil twin, Pink Lemonade (now all full-up)
  • 12+ moves, including a fully animated cinematic special
  • Local and online versus modes, with rollback netcode
  • Single player AI and training modes
  • Announced by Meatball, Dragula alum & general loudmouth
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorFighting Chance
Tagsdrag, LGBT, Multiplayer, online, Singleplayer


Drag Her PC Demo 0.12.0 101 MB
drag-her-osx.zip 104 MB
Version 0.12.0 Apr 19, 2022

Install instructions

Unzip your main folder, and run the Drag Her executable file to play the game. Currently only available for PC.


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where do you go to play the game?

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I downloaded and unzipped this, but I can't find the exe file anywhere within it. Help! lol 

EDIT: I finally found it in the demo download. What is the zip file listed then? 

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so funny ..want look lot fighter ;D